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Monday, November 18, 2019
About MIKASA’s products for marine vessels
Regarding MIKASA’s products for marine vessels, under-water bearings (rubber bearings, FF bearings, ceramics bearings, which use water as lubricant) and rubber covering for propeller shafts are dealt as main items.

FF bearings

For general FF bearings, rubber bearings which are excellent in abrasion resistance, impact resistance, and absorbing vibration, are mainly used as water-lubricated bearings. However, in the case of rubber, it has an insufficient self-lubricating property, and it has drawbacks such as instantaneous burns at lack of water and generation of noise at low revolution area, etc.
Our company has been promoting research in order to overcome these drawbacks while taking advantage of the merits of rubber, and dealing in FF bearings that have a self-lubricating property.

Bearings for marine vessels: Details about FF bearings

Friction-Free Bearing (F.F.B)

Under-water rubber bearings

Regarding the bearings for marine propeller shafts and stern shafts, there is a water lubrication type and an oil lubrication (oil bath) type, as a rough classification.
Our company started manufacturing rubber bearings about 40 years ago. Conventionally, lignum vitae was used, but quality degradation was observed as a result of price increase due to shortage of raw woods, etc. at the production area (Latin America).
In response to this, the demand for rubber bearings has been recently increasing rapidly. Furthermore, oil leakage in the case of oil lubrication and the seawater pollution problem is considered to have accelerated this tendency.
They have been adopted to N.K. (Nippon Kaiji Kyokai) vessels as well as foreign vessels, in large numbers.

Bearings for marine vessels: Details about under-water bearings

Rubber Bearing

Rubber covering for propeller shafts

Rubber covering for propeller shafts is used for corrosion proofing of the shafts. MIKASA is the sole domestic manufacturer capable of performing the rubber lining process, which has been approved with regard to each ship classification.

Details about the rubber covering for propeller shafts

Rubber covering for propeller shafts