Mikasa Industry

Monday, November 18, 2019

Rubber Roll
About the rubber rolls made by MIKASA:
Rubber rolls for iron & steel, and paper making are used under severe conditions such as load, heat, and medical solution.
Rubber rolls made by MIKASA are mainly used for cold rolling equipment lines in steel plants.
At the cold rolling equipment lines in steel plants, acid pickling, degreasing, annealing, plating, etc., of coils are continuously performed, and in those lines, rubber rolls are used according to the purposes at various places, for example, pulling steel plates, extracting liquid, changing the directions, etc.
In addition, the groundbreaking rubber material MG-AWZ-992 for heat-resistant, abrasion-resistant rubber rolls, with a heat resistance and abrasion resistance beyond conventional materials is an excellent rubber material for rubber rolls that can also be used at places where heat resistance, oil proof, and chemical resistance are necessary.

  Rubber Roll