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Monday, November 18, 2019

Environmental-friendly “Water Lubricated Bearing” for Pumps

MIKASA has been engaged in manufacturing and supplying “water lubricated” rubber bearings and “water lubricated” friction free bearings(F.F.B) made of P.T.F.E and synthetic rubber.


MIKASA’s water lubricated bearings are mainly used for Vertical pumps including axial flow and diagonal flow – Circulating water pump, auxiliary refrigerating seawater pump and installed in nuclear power plant and thermal power plant and drain pump and dewatering pump installed in the desalination plant and waste water treatment.




1.Free from any risk of environmental pollution
While oil lubricated bearing will have the risks to provoke pollutions of seawater by leaking, MIKASA’s bearings as water lubricated bearing designed environmental friendly and will not occur any pollution by leaking.
2.Energy Saving
MIKASA’s rubber bearings have, as a result of long term researches, original features of low coefficient of friction, durability against seawater and friction and strong adhesiveness with shell metal when compared with other rubber bearings. In addition, F.F.B’s coefficient of friction are lower than those of rubber bearings and F.F.B make energy losses less than one fourth of those of rubber bearings.
3.Protect shaft and Sleeve
MIKASA’s rubber bearings and F.F.B are has grooves inside rubber. In the case of any contamination such as sand slurry, the rotations of the bearing remove such contamination from shaft automatically along with the grooves. As a result, water lubricated bearing prevent shafts and sleeves from any injury and make them last for a long period of time.
4.Vibration Absorption
MIKASA rubber bearings and F.F.B are composed of soft rubber and make equalize lodes strained eccentrically at a specific point. Therefore, it is more durable against friction when compared with other resin bearings. Furthermore, rubber bearings and F.F.B have high ability to suppress the abnormal vibration of the rotating shafts and make silent run possible.

Advantages you obtain if you install MIKASA’s water lubricated bearing

F.F. Bearings
As a special compound elastic rubber is sandwiched between P.T.F.E and outer metal shell, F.F.B. absorbs vibration much better than P.T.F.E bearings. In addition, F.F.B.’s self lubrication property and low heat generation feature make “dry-start” possible. As a result, you can design the pump system without pouring water facility. It means that F.F.B will be able to reduce the cost of pump system. For marine industry application, F.F.B. can receive twice or more heavy load on it than other conventional rubber bearing and more in good conditions for a long term without any replacement.
Rubber Bearings
MIKASA’s rubber bearing is very stable and fit for long term continuous running. The adherence of Metal Shell and rubber, which is weak in general, are very strong as a result of accumulated MIKASA’s know how. Although rubber bearing are not applicable for “dry – start”, it functions very stable with adequate water and less expensive when compared with F.F.B.

Item Unit Rubber bearing F.F. bearing
Allowable Average pressure (MPa) ≦0.25 ≦0.6
Max. partial pressure (MPa) 1.0 2.4
Sliding Velocity (m/sec) ≦12 ≦12
PV value (MPa・m/sec) 3.0 7.2
Normal operating temperature (Water) (℃) Max.60 Max.60
Water supply (※D:Inside dia.of bearing in cm) (ℓ/min) 3×D 2×D
Coefficient of friction (Sliding velocity : ≧2.5m/sec) 0.04 0.01
Swelling amount (Water at ordinary temperatures) (mm) 0.1 in Dia. 0.05 in Dia.
Deflection modulus (MPa) 10~20 50
Operation time in the dry condition (P=0.5kgf/cm2) (min) 0 2
Installed Inventory
(for Pumps / 2009)
Number 3156 604
inside diameter φ25~600 φ35~810

Frictional coefficients of Rubber and F.F. bearing in water

Full Mold Type(Barrel Type and Segmental Type can be offered. )
Full Mold Type
Full Mold Type