Mikasa Industry

Monday, November 18, 2019
As regards industrial products, MIKASA provides under-water bearings used for marine vessels and field pumps, rubber covering for marine propeller shafts, rubber rolls used for production lines of iron & steel, paper making, resin plates, etc., and parts for bowling, etc., as our main items.

Ferry DiamondIn the field of under-water bearings, we provide rubber bearings, FF bearings, and ceramics bearings. They are all environmentally-friendly bearings, since all of them use water as lubricant. Rubber bearings have arranged synthetic rubber to sliding parts. They have the structure to withstand usage for a long time through a special manufacturing process using the high-pressure molding method which improves adhesion stability to the shells. FF bearings have sliding surfaces with tetrafluoride ethylene resin for easy sliding, and a hybrid structure where rubber is sandwiched between metallic parts. Compared with rubber bearings, the FF bearings are excellent in abrasion resistance and their friction coefficient is one fourth, which enables saving of fuel consumption.
Rubber RollRubber covering for propeller shafts is used for corrosion proofing. MIKASA is the sole domestic manufacturer capable of performing the rubber lining process, which has been approved with regard to each ship classification.
In the field of rubber rolls, we deal in a large variety, including ringer rolls, bridle rolls, sink rolls, etc., used for cold rolling equipment lines in steel plants. As the features of our company, we provide products with few internal defects and greater stability through the combined use of a ribbon molding machine and high-pressure hot-water vulcanization.

In each field, the entire company’s staff members cooperate in their daily effort to always supply the most advanced products quickly and at low costs, with the motto of “customers first.”