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Monday, November 18, 2019
Environmental/Social Management
Environmentally friendly MIKASA’s Water lubricated bearings

The sea is surely always bluer than the sky.

The sea is surely always bluer than the sky.Environmental pollution and global warming are big problems which human beings are facing, and it has already been commonly recognized by many countries that countermeasures are urgently needed. Our company has been providing products that tackle this problem as part of our contribution to society, which is our basic philosophy. In the field of stern tube bearings for marine vessel propulsion systems, there are conventionally an oil lubrication system and a water lubrication system. It is the tendency for the oil lubricating system to be mainly adopted in large vessels and the water lubricating system in small/medium-sized vessels. Since mineral oil is used as lubricant in bearings used for oil lubricating systems, the problem of sea pollution by oil leakage remains, despite significantly improved performance of oil lubrication seals in recent years. On the other hand, review of an environmentally-friendly water lubricating system is in progress under such a historical background, and ship owners as well as shipyards that study/examine the introduction of water lubricating systems have made an appearance.

The reason why water-lubricated bearings of MIKASA are supported/accepted

F.F.BAll of our company’s bearings are water-lubricated bearings, and we offer rubber bearings as well as FF (friction-free) bearings for which the rubber bearings have been improved. We think these products can contribute to society from the viewpoint of environment. Regarding the newly developed FF bearings, they are also provided with high-load performance and can also respond to large vessels. Further, the FF bearings with elasticity, a feature of the under-water bearings, contain tetrafluoride ethylene resin which slides easily on sliding surfaces, and have a friction resistance of 1/4 compared with conventional rubber bearings. Their energy loss is small, fuel consumption is significantly reduced, and thus they contribute to CO2 reduction, which is the main cause of global warming. Moreover, regarding the point of abrasion resistance, actual results are four times higher than rubber bearings, which also makes a large contribution from the viewpoint of depletion of resources.
Recently, they have been adopted to the ferry named “New Kunisaki” as a countermeasure of ECO ship, because of the performance of FF bearings. New Kunisaki