Mikasa Industry

Monday, November 18, 2019

Message from the President

Technical capabilities and communications skills are the key to build the future of MIKASA!
President and CEO Yuji Saeki We have been around since before the company became known around the world, as “MIKASA of volleyball”:
We are self-confident of our “technical capabilities,” after all. Our company has been consistently and strongly adhering to “production by ourselves,” and continuing thorough investigation of technical elements, such as dealing with quality, cost, needs, etc. We consider that this has also led us to gain the advance in the product territory of industrial products, and have been producing “strength”, which constitutes the mainstay of present MIKASA.
It is not only engineers that are involved with technology. The communication skills of sales staffs who know the trends and demands of the market are also indispensable elements to our development. Especially, in the field of industrial products where we must work/act under the concept of “the world is one market,” our work also requires a global view.
In order to pursue the “creation of value” as well as to maintain and develop the MIKASA brand, all of our company members are always making efforts.