Mikasa Industry

Monday, November 18, 2019

Rubber Parts For Bowling Pin-Setter Machine

Deck Chute

Special compound of high grade rubber with abrasion resistance,strong against oil and superior ozone resistance.


Having suitable elasticity without deformation and less crack.

Special textured inner surface the Bowling Pin contacts when sliding through the chute.

The less surface it contacts, the less friction.

Rubber itself absorbs noise and brings a quiet operation with less deck jam.

Parts No. Position Bw No.
200808-2 #1 BW1220808002
200808-3 #7,`#10 BW1220808003
200837 #5 BW12200837000
universal #2-6-8 BW12200900000

Rubber Pit Curtain(#12-2584)

As reinforced canvas is inserted between rubber plies, it offers superior durability.

Not stitched construction cured by heat, eliminates the breakage common to inferior sewn curtains.


Power Lift Tyre(#124-2036)

Solid molded rubber type

Good lifting-up even lightweight balls.

No stain and offers longer life

POWER LIFT TYRE(#124-2036)

Pit Cushion(#12-2531)

Special compound butyl rubber is securely molded to heavy-duty steel plate utilizing a proprietary process, which offers longer durability than any other cushions.
Pit Cushion(#12-2531)